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10 Things to Do in Jimbaran That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Attractions, Bali, Beach, Destination

10 Things to Do in Jimbaran That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

10 Things to Do in Jimbaran That You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Categories Attractions, Bali, Beach, Destination

Bali’s leafy-green volcanic interior, postcard-perfect beaches, unique culture and welcoming people are just a few reasons this iconic destination’s appeal has endured.


The inviting coastline of Jimbaran – just a 25-minute journey from the island’s main airport – is a slice of quintessential Bali. With its undiscovered coves and larger, family-friendly beaches, you can appreciate stunning sunset panoramas from the local viewpoints or head out to sea and make the most of the world-class surf.


For visitors who like to take things slow, there are excellent resort facilities and spas at hotels such as InterContinental Bali. When you’re not lounging about in luxury, head out for a Jimbaran-based experience you won’t find anywhere else.


#1 Kecak dance at sunset


There’s no better way to finish an evening in Bali than with a ceremony of traditional Kecak fire dance as the sun melts into the Indian Ocean. Head to Uluwatu Temple on the Bukit Peninsula, and then sit back, relax and enjoy the spectacle of this time-honoured performance from your clifftop vantage point atop a plateau, 250 feet above the soothing ocean waves.


Kecak Dance Uluwatu Temple InterContinental Bali Resort




#2 Get lost on hidden beaches


To find something undiscovered in an island as wonderfully compact as Bali, you know you’re going to have do some exploring. Some of the beaches are so hidden, they don’t have names – so it’s best to ask a local to guide you around. Blue Point Beach and Balangan Beach are both gorgeous hideaways to visit.




#3 Chill on the high cliff above Melasti Beach


Melasti Beach itself is so memorable that it’s popular for wedding photoshoots. Yet most people come here to see a mind-blowing panorama from the towering cliffs. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sunset while surrounded by intricate rock formations and some of Bali’s most majestic views.






#4 Check out an abandoned plane


Set among verdant greenery and limestone cliffs, the abandoned Boeing 737 in Jimbaran makes for an eerie and surreal site. There are competing histories and claims to the plane, adding to the mystery of its bizarre setting. It makes a great half-day trip away from the beach, but get there quick – there’s talk of turning it into a restaurant.


abandoned plane south kuta






#5 Soak in a ‘Jacuzzi’ on the Tegal Wangi Beach


These ocean jacuzzis, created by rock pools, provide the perfect natural tubs to watch the mesmerising colours as the sun makes its evening descent. This destination is best enjoyed at low tide, when the waves are less of a concern, allowing you to lay back and let the soothing ocean water wash all your worries away.


#6 Kedonganan’s big fish market


It’s definitely worth an early start to marvel at the huge range of shrimp, crab, lobster and other seafood available at this morning market. A bustling trading centre, Kedonganan’s fish market offers a stellar opportunity to witness traditional Balinese fishing culture and local lifestyle.


kedonganan fish market jimbaran interContinental Bali Resort


#7 Take advantage of InterContinental Bali’s Day Pass


Bali is a fantastic place to treat yourself to some much-needed rest and relaxation, and the InterContinental Bali Day Pass is the best ticket in town. Take a dip in five incredible pools, soak up our ocean views from a sunlounger or dine at our two beach-view restaurants. Click here for more details.


Day Pass Main Pool InterContinental Bali Resort


#8 Indulge yourself at InterContinental Bali’s luxury spa


Our high-end relaxation centre offers a comprehensive range of treatments to help you rejuvenate in a peaceful setting. The spa embraces its ocean-side location, incorporating a philosophy of ‘health by the water’ to bring you a sense of calm and well-being.


Villa Retreat Spa InterContinental Bali Resort


#9 Explore Garuda Wisnu Kencana


Garuda Wisnu Kencana is known for its gigantic statue of Vishnu atop the eagle-like ‘garuda’. This impressive sight, although unfinished, will stand at 145 metres when completed. Apart from its wonderful statues, the 60-hectare park is also a centre of Balinese art and cultural performances.


#10 Make your own pottery at Jenggala Keramik Gallery


This institution of fine ceramics provides a unique chance to learn about the impressive skill and artistry of a traditional practice. Then it’s your turn to try. Friendly – and highly knowledgeable – instructors will teach you how to decorate a pot as a unique souvenir. Known for its handmade, high-quality tableware, which it sells in its showroom, this gallery welcomes all potters, regardless of age or ability, to its paint-a-pot classes.


Jimbaran is perfectly located close to Bali’s main airport and on the ocean and serves as an excellent base from which to explore the island. The surrounding area features a wealth of hidden gems and is a firm travellers’ favourite.