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July 03, 2018



There is just so much to love about beach weddings that every single couple should at least consider it before deciding on any concrete plans. Young couples have a lot to consider when it comes time to tie the knot and while price and accessibility are a factor, a beach wedding makes sense for many reasons. Here are some great reasons to consider a beach wedding. 


 It Fits Your Nature
Some couples just have a naturally casual and relaxed vibe to them, so a large ceremony with too many people might be a bit too intimidating for them. Your biggest day should fit your vibe just right and that means kicking off those heels and going barefoot in the sand! If the bride and groom are happy and relaxed, then the guests are more relaxed, and the wedding is even more spectacular.


 Keeping it Intimate
With a destination wedding on the beach, you’ve got to keep the guestlist to a minimum and the key to that is a guestlist that is smaller but more meaningful. Selecting the guests is going to be an important task for the bride and the groom because they need to ensure that everybody who they invite will be spending a lot more time with them than the average wedding guest. The result is a much more intimate wedding where the guests get to spend some more time with you, days instead of hours, and everyone has more time to get to know each other better.


 A Stunning Backdrop
By far the most important anticipated moment of the beach wedding is the backdrop of the wedding when the bride and groom are standing up on stage. An evening sunset is the perfect time to conduct the wedding as the temperature is just right and sky is lit up beautifully. A wedding needs to have moments of beauty worth capturing and sunset on a beach is the perfect moment to sum it all up.


 Creating a Unique Memory
Weddings conform to a certain format far too often. It is very normal for most people to not recall the last wedding they went to because they attended so many and they don’t spend too much time at many of them. At a beach wedding, everybody is watching a beautiful ceremony take place on a sunlit beach, its going to be a memorable moment for everyone. The other major factor is that for many people it might be the only time they ever visit the place that the wedding is taking place in. So, while the couple can indulge in a honeymoon before the honeymoon, the guests get a mini holiday as well.


 Celebrate Your Special Day at the InterContinental Bali Resort
When it comes to planning a wedding on the beach, we are the experts. Many resorts might promise a wedding on the beach, but they really mean a wedding BY the beach. While some people might be ok with having a wedding on solid ground that is sealed off from the beach, feeling the sand beneath your feet is what makes this wedding special. The InterContinental Bali Resort has been awarded the “Luxury Wedding Destination” in the World Luxury Travel Awards and we have plenty of experience in making the wedding of your dreams take place in Bali. Our wedding packages range from the intimate sunset beach wedding to the reception dinner after the ceremony, read more about them here. For all wedding-related details and activities at the hotel, our professional wedding planner will ensure that everything happens without a hitch.  So make this important day in your life even more special by creating your own intimate ceremony by the beach at the InterContinental Bali Resort.