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120 minutes

Cleansing the system is an important component of your seasonal health and beauty routine. Detoxifying from the inside and out not only makes you feel great, but will also have everyone wondering what your secret is to looking so good. This upgraded spa journey presents a rare opportunity to give your body the gift of full hydration. Combining several effective treatments in one complete wellness safari, from the ancient practice of hot sauna therapy and a targeted, Muscle Tension Relief Massage, to a nutrientrich Seaweed Body Wrap that releases unwanted toxins, each pore welcomes fresh vitality. Energized and invigorated at the cellular level, feel an extra uplifting of your spirit with our special health detox beverage.

*Energizing Foot Ritual *Sauna *Muscle Tension Relief Massage *Seaweed Body Wrap *Healthy Detox Drinks.