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Resort Activities

Explore a wide range of our resort activities​

There is something for all ages and preferences, promising a fun mix of art, culture, sports and leisure to make the most of all aspects of the resort, fishing community and the island. Resort activities include village cycling tours, interactive Balinese cooking classes, sunrise yoga, or a chance to master the art of traditional Balinese dance, music and wood carving. We also have equipment that you can rent, such as bicycles and body boards, and on-site leisure facilities like the 24-hour fitness centre, six pools and tennis courts.

Stay Fit

InterContinental Bali Resort offers various wellness activities for guests to stay fit and healthy while holidays. Ranging from Morning Jog over 1,4 kilometers Resort’s jogging track, Morning and Sunset Yoga, Beach Volley ball, Tennis lesson, Cycling, indoor and outdoor gym.

Fun Family Activities

Whilst in Bali, embrace your creativity by exploring local activities with family including Kite Making and traditional net fishing like famous Jimbaran fisherman.


The resort provides guests range of wellness activities including complimentary of Yoga class including healing meditation, Pranayama Yoga, Sunset Yoga and breathing exercise conducted by our certified Yoga instructor available at two times per week.

In addition, do not miss the opportunity to join our Balinese Bayu Suci session, 12-slow movements that combined with unique elements of Balinese Dance with Pencak Silat, Indonesian traditional self defense. This activity is at your own cost. 



A one-hour introductory session on traditional Balinese music is a chance to try out the unique instruments that constitute local orchestras on the island, to reproduce the distinctive Balinese sound. This complimentary activity is suitable for both adults and children, making it a great family activity.


We will show you how the Balinese artfully arrange fruit and flowers to make a decorative table centrepiece. These table decorations are actually modern interpretations of the elaborate offerings carried in processions to temples for ceremonial occasions.


We offer a series of small-group cycling tours accompanied by a local guide, keen to impart invaluable local knowledge.

Alternatively, the Jimbaran Bike Tour sets off at 6.30am. During this two-hour foray, you will see traditional jukung fishing boats, enter a typical Balinese house compound and learn of its unique housing design and traditional daily life. You will also stop at the famed fish markets to see the fresh catches being hauled in from the night’s fishing, as well as the vast array of seafood and fish on sale. Then, it’s on to a Hindu temple and banjar, a local community hall, an important hub of village life in Bali.


The resort provides two flood-lit tennis courts in a more secluded area of the grounds, which can be hired for private use by the hour, daytime or nighttime. We can also organise Beginner Tennis Lessons with a resident instructor, as well as a Tennis Partner and Tennis Challenge. Table-tennis equipment is also available.


Taking place in our fully-equipped Fitness Centre, Body Conditioning is a tailor-made exercise regime with a personal fitness instructor, addressing which part of your body needs to be worked on and what equipment is most suited to this.



On the lengthy expanse of pristine white sand beach directly in front of the resort, complimentary activities that include afternoon sessions of mixed team Beach Volleyball and Beach Soccer or an informal jog with a recreational attendant are organised here.

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