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14 February 2020
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Relive The Moments

A Valentine’s Day Dinner
6.30pm – 10.00pm
Balinese Gazebo

Experience a St. Valentine’s Day dinner like no other in one of the most romantic and exclusive place in the resort - Balinese Gazebo.

Have your own private butler serves a 4-course tantalizing set menu that beautifully crafted by our renowned Chef consists of Sturia Caviar on the traditional ice carving and choice of grilled foie gras or sea scallop as starter. Prime grilled seafood or meat as choices of main dishes such as Lobster, Sea Scallops, Salmon, Lamb, Mulwara Beef Tenderloin, Bulgogi barbequed short rib, orange mustard and honey rub veal medallion. The delectable desserts including Valrhona Mangari Chocolate Royal, Raspberry Feuillantine, Passion Fruits Coulis and sliced of tropical fruits.

IDR 6,500,000++ per couple including a bottle of champagne



Tantra Yoga is a combination work of energy lock (asanam mantra, mudra and bandha) and energy center (chakra). This powerful Yoga is ancient practice by harnessing the balance between Yin and Yang that can be used to build bliss, strength, clarity in everyday life.

Take your partner along to join this invigorating Yoga that aims to strengthen an engagement between each other as the definition of Tantra: to weave, to expand, and to strengthen the spirit of Yin and Yang.

IDR 450,000++ per person




120 Minutes

Discover an authentic Balinese massage that works deeply to soothe damaged tissue relieve strained muscles and joint pain.

Pamper yourself and your loved one with a relaxing head to toe massage using our collection of Botanical massage oil combined with Indonesia’s tropical ingredients sourced directly from nature. Enjoy an additional Ocean foot ritual and receive a complimentary Sparkling Tunjung Wine.

IDR 2,400,000++ per couple