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Khám phá CSR của chúng tôi


Tăng cường mục tiêu, chiến lược, danh tiếng và khả năng mang lại lợi nhuận cổ đông vượt trội dài hạn là cam kết rõ ràng của chúng tôi về văn hóa kinh doanh có trách nhiệm. 

Chúng tôi chú trọng ba lĩnh vực: văn hóa mà chúng tôi tạo dựng; khách sạn, khách hàng của chúng tôi và các mối quan hệ bên thứ ba; và cộng đồng địa phương của chúng tôi.

IHG to remove plastic straws from hotels worldwide

IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group) has today announced that we will remove plastic straws from our global estate by the end of 2019, representing more than 5,400 hotels in nearly 100 countries. Plastic straws have already been removed from nearly 1,000 hotels in our Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa (EMEAA) region and we are introducing bulk-size bathroom amenities to several hotel brands in the Americas, as part of broader efforts to reduce waste.


Salam means ‘peace’, and the orphanage which opened in 1979, provides shelter for more than 50 disadvantaged children. Funds were raised by the Bali beach front resort during a charity initiative in the lead up to Christmas 2018. During this time guests were invited to purchase specially crafted souvenirs in the lobby for a small donation. The special initiative culminated on Christmas Eve, with children from the orphanage singing Christmas carols at the resort, followed by a celebratory meal and accommodation to create a memorable evening. 

Total cash donation collected were IDR 18,289,325 and the entire amount was then handed over to the management of SALAM Foundation. The money raised will make a difference to the children’s quality of life and assist them in buying their essentials.“Children are our future and it is our sincerest hope that our ongoing support for Panti Salam Children’s Home will help create a brighter future and enhanced opportunities for the children who reside there,” says InterContinental, Bali General Manager, Michael Koth.


IHG Green Engage is our comprehensive online sustainability system. It tells our hotels what they can do to be a 'green' hotel and gives them the means to conserve resources and save money – by measuring, managing and reporting on their hotel energy, water and waste consumption, as well as benchmarking and the ability to create action plans to track progress. We believe this offers a huge advantage to owners for whom energy is the second largest cost in their hotels. It also puts us in a strong position to respond to rising energy prices and any future carbon taxes IHG and our hotels may face.

IHG Green Engage proves the value of our commitment to innovation and collaboration. We look for better ways to manage our carbon footprint than merely offsetting emissions and we engage with our partners to create a 'green' culture where owners actively explore solutions that enhance their business.