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January 04, 2019

Why Jimbaran Bay is the Perfect Destination for Your Long Holiday


Everyone Should Pick Jimbaran Bay for Their Next Holiday Destination 

Jimbaran Bay

Image by @lwoodsb

There are so many reasons to choose Jimbaran Bay Hotels over other hotels on the island of Bali as your next holiday destination that we had trouble narrowing down the list.

Jimbaran Bay is among the favourite destinations for travelers who have visited Bali in the past. It’s in the perfect location, has a lot of activities and sights to offer and boasts some of the most luxurious accommodations on the island

But, these have to among the top 5 reasons that a Jimbaran Bay hotel is the absolutely perfect destination in Bali for your next long holiday.

An Ideal Location

Image by @iivleva

Jimbaran Bay is located on a peninsula just south of the Bali’s main city, Denpasar. It’s well removed from the city and Kuta Beach, but still just a short drive away in case you need to pick up anything in town.

It’s also just a short hop to and from the airport, meaning you can be digging your toes in the sand of Jimbaran Beach within less than an hour of touching down at the airport.

A Pristine and Picturesque Beach

Jimbaran bay

Image by @neyu_ma

Jimbaran Beach is well-known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Popular with swimmers and surfers alike, it offers crystal clear waters and entrancing tropical sunsets nightly along its wide, white-sand shoreline lined with Jimbaran Bay hotels.

The beach is a favourite of water sports lovers with jet skiing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and kayaking being just some of the water sports on offer along the beach.

Relaxing and Chill Atmosphere

Tropical drink

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Some of the best International DJs and local bands provide a wealth of entertainment up and down the length of Jimbaran Beach. Enjoy the sunset while you cruise along the beach.

There are many popular night spots to choose from, from the funky and basic to beautifully appointed, upscale nightclubs that offer up the perfect chill atmosphere on a lovely beach. Relax and soak in the balmy breezes while you enjoy a tall tropical drink in one of the most visually stunning corners of Bali. 

Dine on Food from All over the World at Jimbaran Beach

KO Japanese restaurant

Image by @rincil

You can find a wealth of food from every corner of the globe along Jimbaran Beach with its many eateries and Jimbaran Bay hotels. You can choose from pizza and steaks to Japanese Sushi, Italian food and local, fresh seafood.

Enjoy a gourmet, candle-lit dinner out on the veranda, underneath the stars of Bali while you listen to the gentle, warm breezes waft through the palm trees and the soft murmurs of the surf washing up along the beach.

5-star Accommodations on Jimbaran Beach

Image by @@sassychris1

Jimbaran Bay hotels are known for having one of the best locations on the island. The InterContinental Bali Resort is just such a hotel. A luxury beachfront hotel right on Jimbaran Beach, it represents the finest in tropical luxury for anyone wanting a long holiday on the perfect beach.

It serves as the gateway to all that Jimbaran Bay offers, from the eateries and nightclubs along the beach to the lush countryside surrounding the bay.