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Some Celebrations are More Irresistible Than Others

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The InterContinental Life has been built over a remarkable 70 years where it became the birthplace of old-world glamour, sophistication and unrivalled heritage. At InterContinental Bali Resort, we welcome you to experience luxury that will heighten your senses and warm Balinese service that will stir your heart. Set amidst traditional Balinese architecture, lush gardens and trees and pristine white beach, we invite you to stay with us to excite your curiosity, inspire your imagination and bring joy to the soul.

특별 혜택

Luxury Escape

클럽 인터컨티넨탈에서 3박을 체류하시면 1박을 무료로 제공해 드립니다.

클럽 인터컨티넨탈의 숙박 혜택을 누리십시오. 2018년 4월 30일 전에 예약하고 체류 기간이 2018년 6월 15일 이전으로서 3일 연속 숙박하시는 경우 하루 무료 숙박을 제공해 드립니다.

30 March - 1 April 2018

Some Celebrations are More Irresistible Than Others

소셜 미디어


"Memorable Holiday in Bali"

Feel very comfort and relaxing with serving by skilled and friendly staff. Some of them could read my mind and needs and provide their servicing without telling my request.
Also the interior of the hotel are nice with Asian taste, but the facilities including bath room in the room, and air conditioning are fine.
Experience at "Inspiration Space" is fine for me, and I could find a few books for learning about the culture of Bali.
Reason for Visit:Experience of "NYEPY"

Urbanstream, from Tokyo, Japan
07 April 2017


The Inter Continental Resort never fails to amaze us and is always part of our trips to Bali. The spacious grounds, clean beach and the excellent staff make for a great escape from the normal Bali experience. Would recommend highly to anyone wanting to stay in Jimbaran Bay

Charlie, Australia
21 April 2017


Excellent overall experience. Good location in own grounds. Has direct access to the beach. An extensive range of restaurants and a attentive staff, there to server your needs. Great vacation.
Reason for Visit:Romantic Getaway
Next Destination:Prague

Brians Travel, Chester UK
20 April 2017

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